October 2020

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PROGRAM -- 001


Understand the core concept

Challenge is a dynamic six-week experience with twenty like minded professionals focused on helping participants see new opportunities to impact a local charity.

Our Challenge program will give you the tools and experience to rethink any business outcome in your organisation. You will increase your ability to think faster and be strategic in your decision-making.


Learn the key outcomes

1. Think strategically
2. Manage relationships
3. Collaborate effectively
4. Develop influence
5. Implement innovation
6. Grow personally


View the included events

The program is run over a three-week period and with a range of sessions, activities and interactive events. A range of consultants, speakers, mentors will be involved in the program along with your host facilitator. The commitment is for 3hrs per week with options to be more involved. There are key group sessions and a range of optional events and sessions for participants to be involved with.

3 Group sessions
1 Turbo session
Speaker panel
Mentor advisers
Online support
Launch Drinks
Leadership Lunch
CEO Campfire

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