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Our consultants will grow your key people
and develop their leadership potential

We enable leaders to transform team engagement and Productivity.

Companies who develop a strong leadership development focus, create a compelling culture to engage their team members, enabling better strategy execution and achievement of their strategic growth goals.

Our consultants will assist your team leaders to coach, navigate and empower each team member and create a dynamic workplace culture that facilitates collaboration and creativity. Your culture will become the interface for delivering value from within the organisation to your client market and key stakeholders.

Our programs facilitate high levels of collaboration at all levels within the business to innovate and systemise value to achieve a new standard of performance.

Improved performance outcomes are a result of a well-defined strategy, empowering culture and working with an agile business system. We understand value creation outcomes must be reflected in a better customer experience, a culture that retains its best people and profitable financial metrics.


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Sally Dooley

Program Director
Culture Transformation & Leadership Development

Sally is passionate about excellent leadership and helping to shape cultures that facilitate high performance and high wellbeing for sustainable growth. She works alongside clients to support them as they navigate changing contexts and create exciting futures.

Sally brings over twenty years’ experience across private, government and community sector in a wide range of leadership, strategic, change management and people development areas. She is a highly engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker and executive coach. Her capacity to quickly build strong rapport with her clients, whether in a group context or one-on-one, creates a very positive and interactive learning environment where people thrive and are enabled to create lasting change. Her Masters in Training and Development as well as an ongoing commitment to professional excellence ensures that her approach remains cutting edge and highly effective.

Chris Sharma

Strategy Development & Business Transformation

Chris is committed to helping businesses achieve new levels of growth and future proof their brand position. He enjoys challenging the existing thinking to help stakeholders navigate their offering to meet future customer expectations and rethink their business strategy.

Chris has consulted successfully to a broad range of private sector businesses and organisations delivering high level ‘strategic value’ to his clientele. He  regarded for his ability to see a new future for his clients and developing a ‘strategic game plan’ to help them navigate the journey. Chris has a strong coaching approach and engages directors and leaders effectively to create unity of vision, strategy alignment and team empowerment. His uncompromising commitment to see his client teams grow at all levels and deliver high quality outcomes for customers is what differentiates his unique approach. Chris is a natural innovative thinker who always challenges the status quo and seeks out new ways of bringing value to the marketplace.

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